2016 is about transformation

I’m looking at 2016 to be a year for regrouping, refocusing and transforming. With that in mind, this is how I hope to live going forward…

Mind, Body and Soul:

  • Love God with my entire being
  • Love and serve others
  • Meditate on scripture and the godly wisdom of others
  • Proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom
  • Prayerfully listen for the voice of Jesus the Shepherd
  • Make disciples as the Lord sends folks my way
  • Seek out what the Lord would have me do where I am
  • Gather at The Table to be admonished, challenged and encouraged…and do likewise
  • Gather with The Story Collective to exercise my gifts and encourage others to live the good news life in their context
  • Flush and stamp out the residue of Christendom from my system and be moved by the Spirit
  • Talk less about “missional” and “church planting” because those terms frustrate me
  • Talk more about redemption and reconciliation
  • Approach my job with confidence and humility to perform as though it is Jesus Christ who writes my evaluation
  • Ride my bicycles more and exercise at the gym as often as possible
  • #BDA – Beat down anxiety


My reading and studying of the scriptures will be supplemented with six books in no particular order. Some books I am re-reading and others are new to me, but all are intended to foster transformation in order to challenge the Church to discover the taste of new wine in new wineskins.

The Open Secret – Lesslie Newbigin

Exiles – Michael Frost

The Forgotten Ways – Alan Hirsch

Renovation of the Heart – Dallas Willard

Subterranean – Dan White, Jr.

Transforming Discipleship – Greg Ogden

Depending on where I am with my reading by October, I may add a book or two to foster the movement of the Spirit in me and others.


Like every year there will be twists, turns, ups, downs, good and bad times. Chances are I will push through anxiety and depression.  Either way, adjustments of the course and my commitment are inevitable. Through this process my goal is to become more of an image bearer of Jesus Christ. My prayer is to be removed of the ties to Christendom because I’m “done” with what the Church has become. As Christendom is flushed out of me, my hope is to recapture the movement of Jesus in my life and live with love as my motivation. The time has come to truly consider the magnitude of the good news for the sake of reconciling and redeeming humanity to God the Father. I pray you will join me on this journey.

transformationMay we see life through the lens of the good news of God’s kingdom, which is within our grasp. May we recognize our friends and enemies as being created in God’s image. May each step we take as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ be a revelation of good news to those on our path. May we be transformed to represent all that is true, noble and redemptive about God the Father.


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