stones will cry out

“It has surprised us that in recent years even our secular culture has been demanding this project of reJesusing the church.  A number of filmmakers (secular prophets of our time?) have recently depicted Christlike characters in conflict with the institutionalized church.  Those church leaders who have dismissed these films as savage attacks on Christ have missed the point.  Films such as Jesus of Montreal, Chocolat, and As It Is in Heaven are not attacks on Jesus.  They are scathing critiques of institutional Christianity, but they all portray their messianic-like protagonists with great sympathy, even reverence.” – Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (ReJesus, pgs 66-67)

Our house church is currently reading through ReJesus and the dialogue has been very encouraging and challenging.  Recently, I was reading Chapter 3 when the quote above struck me in a way that opened my mind’s eye to an unfolding of Luke 19:40.  Relating the quote to the verse gave me a clear picture about the stones crying out in culture today.  In the Bible there are references of hearts being hardened like stone, which caused something significant to be revealed between the quote and the verse.  To many, the people of secular culture are considered to be blind, lost and hard hearted.

When I reflect on the quote it opens up a thought in me that says the filmmakers
are the stones crying out to God through their movies in hope of discovering a Stoneswild Messiah the Church has struggled to embrace, embody and exhibit.  The stones of the world’s cultures are crying out through critique, skepticism and cynicism for something worth living and dying for in this beautiful mess of a world.  However, we have become deaf to those cries.  Instead we take offense to the skeptical and cynical critiques of the Church and our faith.

As followers of Jesus Christ let’s bring into account the many areas of life where we have emulated institutional Christianity, as opposed to the incarnate Christ.  We must cry out even louder to our Father that He might open our hearts and eyes to His revelation in our midst.  Paraphrasing Michael Frost, he would say we must be the ones wiping the soot from the dirty windows of culture to allow the light of God’s reign to shine into our dark places.

Will you cry out for the sake of the kingdom? Will you wipe the soot from the windows of culture for the sake of God’s reign? Will you light up the dark places?


Highly recommend ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church



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