the table: reflections from the fringe

Starting tomorrow, with the help of some amazing friends, I am launching a series called “The Table.”  The inspiration came from the meetings I have been engaged in with some amazing brothers here in Burleson, Texas.  We occasionally meet at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop over food and drinks to dialogue about the movement of the Spirit in our lives, as well as encouraging each other during our times of darkness and struggle.  These FuzzyTablemeetings started out as “Scripture, Salsa and Shiner.”  After a small hiatus we changed it to “The Table.”  Over the past couple of years we have covered diverse topics from legalizing marijuana to being sent into the world as missionaries.  No matter what the topic is we bring it to the table and work it out together.  Yet, we don’t leave it at just being worked out.  We encourage each other to work it out in our own lives and to stay connected as often as possible throughout the week.

The idea of this series of blog posts started with me asking a group of friends this question:  “If we were all sitting together at a round table what would you bring to the table to share, discuss, dialogue or midrash?”  It could be anything they have gleaned from a book, revelation from scripture, observed in art, seen in humanity, or discovered in life itself.  The goal with this series is to share something authentic that is meaningful to the writer and can challenge us to see the fringes of life from a different perspective and a new set of lenses…through kingdom eyes.

The first guest post will be published tomorrow morning.  As the articles come in I’ll post them here.  Stay tuned and be ready to read the thoughts from the practitioners of the faith in the midst of life’s beautiful mess.

grace and peace…gibby


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