:: waiting room prophet

Just recently I was sitting in a waiting room engaged in a good conversation about life, careers and faith with a couple older dudes who, like myself, are retired from the Air Force.  How would you react if after that conversation one of them said this to you?

“So, you’re one of those guys that stirs up shit for Jesus.  I like those kind of guys.  You must ask a lot of questions.  I bet you keep your pastor on his toes and on task.”

I took it as a compliment, encouragement and confirmation.  Mind you, I never brought up church leadership or the terms apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds or teachers.  The guys have no idea who Alan Hirsch is, but the comment reminded me of the way Hirsch describes a prophet in The Forgotten Ways-APEST:

PROPHETS know God’s will. They are particularly attuned to God and his truth for today. They bring correction and challenge the dominant assumptions we inherit from the culture. They insist that the community obey what God has commanded. They question the status quo. Without the other types of leaders in place, prophets can become belligerent activists or, paradoxically, disengage from the imperfection of reality and become other-worldly.

Trust me on this, I’m not claiming to be a prophet, but the Lord continues to reveal the qualities in me that line up with the prophet.  I don’t always know God’s will, but you can bet I’ll question the status quo and challenge the dominant assumptions we inherit from the culture and religion.  Of course, I can be belligerent and annoying.  Just ask my wife and friends.  Thankfully I have friends around who fall into the other APEST types and won’t hesitate to challenge and keep me in check.

stirring the muddy waters…gibby

So, what kind of stuff are you stirring up?  What are people saying about you?


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  1. Well I stir up trouble everywhere I go! 🙂 When you are “tuned in” to what the Spirit is doing, I believe you can’t help but shake things up in your relationships and environment around you…calling our truth and loving people fearlessly.

    “Keep questioning, keep pursuing the Spirit’s voice and never stop loving and speaking truth.” – That’s one of the last things my mother said to me before she died. I have no doubt she was a prophet.

    Blessings to you Gibby!

  2. I try not to shake things up or get folks to look deeper into the mirror of their own complacency. I’m a man a few words and have little to say.

    Okay! Okay, I can’t even keep a straight face whilst typing…

    Here’s how it really is for me: The Lord put’s stuff in my head, questions mostly to which I pray for and seek answers. Sometimes I even find them. Regardless, these things are NOT FOR ME. I simply can not feel “right” until I get them out. Sometimes it’s for specific people, sometimes for the church, sometimes I just don’t know.
    I do my best to live as one sent with the gospel and by the gospel. When I cooperate with God’s plan for my life, SH*T HAPPENS.

  3. You make a good point, Miguel. It just doesn’t feel right until I get the questions or thoughts out either. I usually don’t know who a word is for so I try to see who’s on the radar.

  4. I had to see one of my doctor’s. It was cool chatting with two older dudes wondering what happened to the world they lived in and spent decades defending. They also showed astute insight about the declining church influence in America. One dude said, “I think it’s sad that the church doesn’t resemble the church in the New Testament.” Whew!

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