our past successes

The following is an insightful excerpt from The Permanent Revolution: Apostolic Imagination and Practice for the 21st Century Church by Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim:

“It is not hard to see how we look to our past successes, formularize them, and then expect that they will apply to every situation. Yet most denominations are built on that very assumption; they are well-used algorithms or templates. But as far as organizations go, it is axiomatic to say that we are perfectly designed to achieve what we are currently achieving. The leaders who inhabit the system are inevitably the ones who have drunk its Kool Aid and are therefore deeply vested in it. And it stands to reason that the existing leaders in these organizations will tend to operate as maintainers and legitimizers of the inherited paradigm. The problem is that it becomes a profoundly self-reinforcing system, highly resistant to change because of all the vested interests.”

Ponder these questions:

Have you put your time and money in formalizing your past successes?

Are you currently achieving what you were designed to achieve?

Have you consumed the Kool Aid of mediocrity and the status quo?

Are you maintaining and legitimizing your inherited paradigm?

Have you become highly resistant to change?

Are you investing in a self-reinforcing system, or in a missional movement?


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