:: drinking the kool-aid

From The Monkey and the Fish by Dave Gibbons:

When I first went to Bankok, I was told by Jim Gustafson to be sure to adapt to the local cultures and customs. So, immersed in the new culture, I tried to be sensitive about my Western ways. I really wanted to make sure I respected the Thai culture. Moreover, on one of my visits prior to my move to Bangkok, I noticed the international churches there seemed to have few Thais among their community. I didn’t want to make the same mistake. And then it struck me–the connection between the surreal scene of the British country Club and the church. We in the church seem to do the same thing the country club did. We replicate places where we all drink the same Kool-aid and hang out with people who are attracted to the same things we are. These communities tend to be exclusive and insular, but God has called us to become like water, to adapt to the currents where he is flowing. (pg. 196)



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