go into all the world

Thoughts from Right Here, Right Now by Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford:

By telling us to “go into all the world,” Jesus was placing the responsibility upon us, his disciples, to gain proximity to those who are not Christians. It is up to us to move toward them. Jesus didn’t demand relationship on religious terms. His terms of relationship were the terms of the kingdom of God. And the constant in the kingdom is the pursuit of redemption and reconciliation for people and all of creation.

In looking back on Right Here, Right Now this is one of the many passages from the book that connected with me. It’s not anything that other church leaders haven’t said before, but Lance’s thought gives a bit more meat to the discipleship bones. He shows us that discipleship is about the work of the kingdom which is the redemption and reconciliation of humanity and all creation.

During my time “off the grid” I will meditate on scripture concerning my being sent, my place in the kingdom, and in having the ministry of reconciliation.

grace and peace…gibby


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