From page 80 of Hugh Halter and Matt Smay’s AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church:

“The principle is indisputable: the great things of God cost us our life. The more missional you want to be, the more incarnational you’re willing to be, the more you release your people out into the world, the more you desire to equip and empower young leaders, the more effective and faithful you want your church to be…the more you’ll have to die to your self.

Jesus never intended to start a religion or put a church on every corner. He isn’t trying to populate the world or our assemblies with half-baked, halfhearted, religious adherents that reflect half the gospel story. He wants us to take the time to focus on the right things and help develop people to their fullest. Whether your church has eight people or eight thousand, it’s time that we begin developing qualitative methods for turning consumers into missionaries, fans into followers, adherents into leaders.”


One response to “Expensive

  1. 2 chapters from concluding a re-read of ReJesus by Hirsch and Frost, can we adequately accomplish the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph without taking first steps down the road of reJesus?

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