:: another simple moment

This morning I had to make my way to Irving to help my son start the car he was driving. No big deal. Life is full of adventures and this was just another moment to be a loving dad to my oldest son. Before heading to Irving (TX) I stopped at the Firestone in Crowley (TX) to get a slow leaking tire fixed. I was the only customer there at 9am so I took advantage of the time and entered into a simple conversation. We went through all the pleasantries of checking the car in and stuff. Here’s what I remember:

Me: So, Ben, you were on vacation. How was your time away?
Ben: Man, it was soooo goooood, but I worked the whole time.
Me: Ben, it was a vacation. Why were you working?
Ben: Well, I went to visit my sister in Louisiana up close to Minden. You know where that’s at?
Me: You bet I do. My wife is from Minden.
Ben: I was just north of there spending time with my sister and working in the oil fields.
Me: Was it a good visit?
Ben (choked up): I didn’t want to come back. You know? Everyday I was there she made me some good country cookin’ and there was always biscuits. She makes the best biscuits.
Me: So you miss home?
Ben: Not really.
Me: You miss family, don’t you?
Ben (choked up): I do. My sister and I are close, but not like they are in Arkansas, if you know what I mean. (grins big and laughs)
Me (chuckling): So, Ben, where do you see your life going? What do you think is your purpose.
Ben: You know, I need to think about that question. Maybe when you come back for new tires we can talk about it then.
Me: You’re a good salesman, but most importantly you’re on. I’d be more than honored to talk about life with you.
Ben: Same here. Nobody’s ever asked me what my purpose is in life. I really need to think about that real hard.

Then customers started coming in and our conversation ended. My heart is joyous today, as it was yesterday. As simple conversation that led to future conversations. Even if they don’t the seed is planted and he’s thinking about his life.

What did I learn? Ben had a story to tell. In the midst of his story I could sense he wanted to ask me something, or say something at a deeper level. He was also listening, as was I for that moment. This was a simple moment, or as my friend Pam Toole says, “Simple moment in man’s eye.” The Spirit sees deeper and loves better than I can. Pray I have the next conversation with Ben. It could be the life changer.


One response to “:: another simple moment

  1. Good stuff Gibb.
    Thanks for sharing.

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