ancient faith

We have all but abandoned the faith and ways of the Ancient believers. Our fear of God, the Creator of all life, has almost diminished. The Church has become a “place” of status quo assembly, instead of a “people” full of God’s Spirit moving with Him on this journey of life.

We have cheapened the Truth for a message that says we “deserve” to prosper financially and “feel good” about ourselves. The truth is we are nothing and our life is a vapor. The one thing that makes us worth anything is the One who made us in His image. It is the very Spirit of God in us, the Spirit that resurrected Jesus, which gives us purpose and reason to live.

Let us not abandon the example of faith the Ancient believers lived and embraced. We must live with total abandon to God with a faith that transcends all cultures, societies and humanity. We must rediscover the Jesus of the Bible and seek first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness.


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