challenging wisdom

Some of you may or may not know Larry Norman. He’s considered the Father of Christian Rock music. For decades he was the voice of many generations wondering why the church was trapping itself behind walls and not hitting the streets with the truth. Larry died this past February and in one of his last interviews he made the following statements:

“I believe we’re supposed to follow Jesus. A lot of people follow the church and then they find themselves unhappy. That’s because they don’t know Jesus. They don’t have a personal relationship with God at all. They just have some kind of relationship with the church.” – Larry Norman

You know in my years as a Christ follower I’ve discovered that Larry’s statement is true. We, the Church (especially in America), have relegated ourselves to marketing our churches, denominations and even Christianity. Yet, it is God our redeemer who should be the subject of our faith. Why do I say that? I’ve read the cause of Christ in the Scriptures and he always pleaded to “do the will of the Father.” Christ’s human nature could have moved him to do his own thing, but he was too connected to God for that to happen.

Have we focused too much in promoting Christianity as the alternative to other lifestyles or beliefs? Or have we tried to intoduce people to the truth in the Scripture that would lead them to serve a King and his kingdom? Our relationship should be with God our Creator first because we are to love God with our entire being. Then we can focus on humanity and the church because we are to love others as we love ourselves.

Any thoughts?


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