Someone wake me up when we finally hear something of substance in this political process. All the rhetoric I hear is aimed at the emotional issues that most politicians will not or cannot change. Yes, I’m a cynic, but at least I’ll admit it.

All I hear is the typical bantor of “change,” “the future of America,” and the like. I’m as concerned about our nation as the next person, but please, let’s talk about the issues with substance and quit slinging the mud of hypocricy. We are not a stupid people. Yet we get so caught up in the emotions of the political process that we get blinded from the reality of those issues.

In my mind none of the candidates have shown themselves to be worthy of the presidency of our great nation. I pray that out of this bunch a candidate will stand out to achieve balance in American politics. When that happens we will be able to say this is the way to live in this world as a cooperative people care for people. Until then, we need to quit forcing the American people to choose sides through emotional rhetoric.

Wouldn’t it be cool to vote for someone because of his/her substantive perspective on the issues, as opposed to following the party line?

I grew up a Democrat in South Texas and then registered as a Republican for many years, but at this point in life I am neither. If anything I am a moderate American. It is with that assurance that I encourage you to vote. Don’t vote because we can make history. Vote because you truly believe in your heart your person will make a difference. It shouldn’t matter if a candidate is black, a woman, a pastor, or a veteran. What matters is that the next President will set the tone for change in our domestic and foreign position in our global community.

My true allegience is to a King and his kingdom…


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