1/2 a pizza

I thought you should know how wonderful and beautiful God is when we don’t expect it.  Yesterday I had lunch with an amazing young lady, Melinda Means, who just oozes love, peace, creativity and grace.  She has an awesome passion for Christ and a true compassion for people.  But that is not why I write this post.

As we were eating the Spirit spoke to me and said, “Just eat half of your pizza.”  In my mind I said, “Sure.”  I thought nothing of it other than God wants me to share at the office.  Melinda and I finished our meal and I walked her to the parking lot.  We said our goodbye’s and I headed for the office.  Interestingly enough on my way to the office I was about to cross the street and again the Spirit spoke and said, “No, cross the other way.”  I thought, “This ought to be good.”  I was halfway up the block when I saw a homeless guy begging for food (not money, but food).  Without hesitation I handed him the box and the look in his eyes spoke more blessing to me than any word of thanks I’ve ever heard.

God is truly amazing.  The “least of these” walk among us everyday.  I know we can’t feed them all (or can we?), but to be obedient when it all seems foolish and strange is an amazing thing.  The Spirit spoke to me and that is not a “chopped liver” moment.  It was significant because I’m not worthy except for what Christ continues to do in transforming my heart and mind.  As I arrived at the office I heard in my spirit, “Welcome to my revolution.”  It was like somebody saying “welcome to my family,” or “welcome to the team.”

For me this means God is relational and missional.  My life is a process, especially being a Christ-follower.  It is a process that requires me to sometimes just obey and not question why.  It requires that I be unconventional and untraditional, or else I get caught up in trying to figure out success and failure.  It requires total abandon in believing that God is who he says he is, that Christ will not abandon me, and that the Holy Spirit truly desires to move me toward emerging in this messy humanity as a picture of faith, hope, and love.



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