apostles’ teaching (acts 2)

It was the day of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit had descended on the disciples, or at this point known as apostles, and the group that was hanging with them.  The place shook and the wind blew, and the group began speaking in tongues after the Spirit’s descent.  The place was going crazy and immediately the accusations started flying.  Some of the Jews were bewildered by the different languages and others thought the dudes were drunk.

Then Peter stood up and spoke with a confidence that was not his own.  His words were so powerful that he couldn’t contain them so they just flowed with boldness.  He spoke of Jesus, who had been crucified, as being Lord and Christ.  Trust me, these are some bold words in the midst of God-fearing Jews, especially in the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Of course, it was even more daring to tell the crowd, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation” because it was a slap in the face to their current religious and governmental leaders.  After all that, God used Peter to speak some amazing stuff, and of course a lot was happening.  About three thousand folks were added to this new community of Christ-followers…this gathering we call the Early Church, or the First Church.

The fascinating thing about the Early Church is that they did what was natural.  They sought community because the new experience was too much to journey alone and could only be fully experienced through relationships.  It’s very interesting how the new followers engaged in simple, but deep transformational community.  Immediately they engaged on four areas that would ensure a heart and life change.  In verse 42 it says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  I could go into the areas of fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer.  Yet, the one thing that got my attention is the phrase “apostles’ teaching.”

What is meant by “the apostles’ teaching”? I’d love to read your thoughts.  What did the apostles teach that was different from other teaching?


One response to “apostles’ teaching (acts 2)

  1. Phillip Ridlen

    The apostles were the ones who had spent more time with Christ than anyone else on the face of the planet. God had chosen them specifically to spread the good news.

    Keep in mind, the New Testament had not been written as of yet. They did not have the convenience of looking up a verse in I John that describes the kind of love we should have for our brothers.

    The apostles eventually wrote the New Testament–what we consider to be the very Word of God.

    Other teachings, if not sound regurgitations of what the apostles taught, was orthodox Judaism or sadly off-base (e.g. gnosticism, etc).

    I’m sure some of the teaching that others gave was good. But to illustrate my point, who would you rather learn from: Chuck Swindoll, or *the apostles*?

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