Here is a synopsis of what I gathered from a podcast by Luke Hendrix of Imago Dei Community titled “Respect of Authority”:

rel_g_008.JPGJesus did not come with a political agenda.  He did not come to change the political or governmental systems of the world.  He didn’t come that we might politicize Christianity by superficially governing morality.  He did not come to eliminate social or political injustice.  He did not seek to make the old creation moral, but rather to make the new creation holy.  He came to redeem people and change their hearts that they might overturn the religious system.  He came that we might have an abundant life in Him.

Simply put, Christ came to be the king of our hearts, which is a kingdom men have tried to rule.  With Christ as the King of Hearts it gives cause to change our world because he offeres a love that is greater than any love we can imagine.  How wonderful if we could embrace the simplicity of Christ to change the complexity of our world.



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