friends like no other

DycksI have some incredible friends who live in The Hague doing what God has called them to do.  My friends are Al & Deela Dyck.  I don’t have enough words to express what they mean to me and my family.  Their passion for God and compassion for people have impacted mine and my wife’s life.  They serve with Christian Associates International planting churches in Europe, but not necessarily in the “typical” way, but that is not the issue for this entry.

Deela is battling cancer and from what I gather it is getting worse.  My soul weeps for her pain and struggle, but my spirit rejoices that she has a direct connection with our Creator.  She is an amazing picture of strength, love and hope.  She is my hero.

Please pray that God does his will.  I pray for healing.  Whether God heals her, or not, will not change who He is, but it will definitely change me.  Here is my letter to my friends Al & Deela:

When we first met I was amazed at the way our souls immediately connected.  We did God’s work together and got in trouble the same, but it was fun pushing the envelope.  We had some great times doing fun and creative things in ministry and life.  Yet, the greatest thing was becoming your friends and now being family in spirit.  My family is indebted to you for the love and grace you have given us.  My soul yearns for a time when we can be together again.  Until then we must remain the picture of hope to a hurting world.  You guys are the reason our ministry in Texas is possible.  You always believed in us and encouraged us to jump in on all that God was doing no matter where we were, and to move beyond the status quo of religious thinking.

I pray for you constantly, especially Deela.  My hope and desire is for God to heal you, Deela. Yet, God will do has he desires because he is the Creator of all life.  We now live in the midst of eternity and life in the physical is short when compared to that eternity.  My dear friends, whatever happens you will always have a part of my heart and your touch will always be etched in my soul.  May there be blessings upon your head this day and all the days to come.  Walk gently, speak firmly and live boldly.  We love you because you are friends like no other.

It is always today…live like there is no tomorrow.



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