I’m discovering more and more that my life will probably remain unsettled.  Since starting the echo project my spiritual radar has been stuck in the “on” position detecting all activity, and there is no option for turning it “off” this time.  It’s kind of like Ghost Busters, but not always as fun.

I was reading through the books of Matthew and Luke and the life of Christ became more fascinating to me.  Jesus was always on the move, even when he wasn’t physically moving.  His disciples and apostles followed His example.  Of course, he did say “go” which is the picture of action.  They each functioned within their gifting and they worked together like hands and feet.  That, I believe, is what echo is becoming…a part of the whole body that is doing its special work.

Why “unsettled”?  Well, more and more my spirit is becoming attuned to the things going on around us, both spiritually and religiously.  They aren’t always pleasant and refreshing.  This type of thinking is not embraced either.  Many have discarded the notion that there really is spiritual activity going on around us.  Sorry to say they are wrong.  It’s a constant battle in my spirit when we have Acoustic Night the gathering or other activites.  I know there is no end to this unsettled feeling in my spirit.  That’s cool with me, but by no means do I want to get used to it.  I don’t want to become numb to the things happening in God’s realm.  Jesus never said the life of his followers would be a cake walk.  He said we would be presecuted and ridiculed.  My life doesn’t know persecution to the phyisical extent as martyrs, but ridicule is like a close friend…I know it very well.  What’s cool about all this is that I have friends and family who are walking with me through the struggles and challenges that life brings.  If being unsettled means my friends are by my side it’s okay with me.  I do have great friends and an amazing family who support me.  I follow a God who brings me joy, even when my heart is heavy and my soul is dry.  Good thing this life is not about me.  I’d quit if that were the case.  May your unsettling lead you to a place where you find God.


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