“To want to admire, instead of follow, Christ is not an invention of bad people; no it is more an invention of those who spinelessly want to keep themselves detached at a safe distance from Jesus”

– Soren Kierkegaard (Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard, ed. Charles E. Moore)


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  1. How often do I find myself in the first category rather than the second, my mouth telling Jesus to His face that I love and adore Him while my heart quietly whispers that its not willing to pay the price and follow Him.

    (The new theme is very you, by the way.)

  2. That’s why this quote struck me. I find myself in the first category as well. It’s easy to speak with my lips the words that are lofty and worshipful. Yet, my life does not always attach itself to the ways of Christ. The life of a Christ follower is one of total abandon spiritually and relationally. In the end it should have an affect on our entire being and every part of our lives. I find myself struggling with the road of transformation because it truly cuts to the deepest parts of my heart. It hurts when the leaches of legalism and traditionalism are cut from me because they are comfortable. Still there is great joy in the simplicity of cutting off the crap and living in grace.

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