I was driving home the other day and saw a sign like the following:


This sign is not the actual sign, but it gives you a great image of what I saw.  Let me tell you I find it difficult to imagine that “Evil is the absence of God.”  Why?  Well, if you think about it the statement says a few things that really are fallacious and not theologically sound.  For instance:

1.  It places evil in the same position or level as God.

2.  It means that God is not omnipresent or omniscient.

3.  If evil is so powerful then it means the space and time it takes up causes God to be a type of nothingness.

4.  If evil were truly the absence of God then Lucifer would never be able to approach God or exist on the earth as the prince of the air.

God is all consuming, and exists everywhere, but that does not mean He is evil just because we can be evil.  No, I’m agreeing with my friend Seth who said (my paraphrase), “Remember, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was in God’s garden of Eden.”  All of this was in the presence of God.  Seth says it comes down to semantics, and I agree.  We can look at the mention of evil in the Bible and determine that it says one thing or another, but the truth is God is all knowing and exists even beyond our imaginations.

My fear with such a statement is while it sounds like a quotable quote, it is very fallacious and deceptive.  It means God turns his back on us when we sin.  It also means God is about the law and not grace.  This then cheapens the life of Christ, His physical death upon the Cross, and the spiritual resurrection thereafter.  See, it is about semantics…the Truth will always overcome the theories of logic and wisdom of the world.  Even if that wisdom is on a church sign…


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