greater value

I’ve been thinking a lot about the condition of Christianity and wonder what it is we truly value and why.  Let me ask you which of these is of greater value and why.

Allowing prayer in school, or teaching our kids to pray continually with purpose?

Politicizing our Christian values, or living our lives like Christ?

Giving money to a cause, or becoming the answer to the problem?

Hating our enemies, or loving our enemies?

Having pity on the poor and rejected, or serving them?

Think about your answers carefully.  It’s easy to answer with our rational Christian American religious theology.  It’s harder to lay down our own desires for the purposes of God’s heart.  No, I’m not saying I can answer these with ease.  I’m saying God is challenging me to continually evaluate my motives for following his calling on my life.  It’s easy to judge others for their sin, failures and inconsistencies, but who in the world would admit that they too have issues?

What have we become?  Why?


One response to “greater value

  1. “Hating our enemies, or loving our enemies?”

    This is where I am at the moment. It seems The Lord doesn’t want to let me off the hook on this one. And yet, it is only in Him, through Him, by His life in us that we could ever have a hope of fulfilling the command to love our enemies and to pray for our persecutors. The thing is, I’m really excited and really thankful to have someone like you to explore these kinds of challenges with. I thank God and glorify Him for your faithfulness to challenge me with the truth.

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