stop it!!!

I’d like to ask all political sides to quit pointing fingers at each other.  Quit accusing each other of politicizing Sept 11, the war on terror, Katrina, etc.  This method of politics only tears us apart.  All sides are to blame here, but it’s not just about those issues.  It has to do with all issues.

We need unity right now and that will NOT come from politicians.  I challenge the Church to step up, step out and get connected with its communities…be the Church.  We rely too much on politics and not enough on the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Nobody wins in the blame game.  The people lose and that is what matters most.  Enough of the puppet games of pulling on the strings of our hearts and emotions.  Stop it!!!


2 responses to “stop it!!!

  1. What we need is to start our own political party to take over Washington…I’m totally kidding of course. I agree, we need unity in the Body, but sometimes I think it will never happen…just being honest. I don’t want to give up on the church b/c I know it’s His Church, regardless of how wounded it is. Sometimes I just think we need New Wine Skins that will honor the old wine skins, yet be radically different.

  2. You took the words out of my mind: “New Wineskins that will honor the old wine skins.”

    Don’t you think this is the problem with the proclaimed leaders of the emerging, organic church? Instead of seeking wisdom and insight from the older believers they are shunning them because they think differently, or use antiquated methods. We may not agree with the old methods, but we can agree that God is the Creator of all things, Jesus walked among humanity and died for one purpose alone, and the Holy Spirit is the one who lives in the believers/followers of Jesus Christ.

    We need new wineskins that are made by the hands of God to pour out a freshness that draws all people to Him.

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