the moon

deep-lunar-eclipse-stephen-sherrod.jpgOne early morning last week, as I was driving to work, the moon was full and bright.  I thought about the beauty and significance the moon holds in my view of life and faith.  For instance, the moon does not create the light that shines from its surface.  It is a reflection of a light created by a greater and more powerful entity called the sun.  I imagine this is the case with our lives as spiritual beings.  We were created in the image of God by His imagination.  Yet, that does not make us gods.  Not even close.  What I’m saying is that those who believe and follow God the Creator are to be a reflection of His character.  Unfortunately, we are tainted and tarnished by our own desire to do our own thing for our own gratification.

The moon serves its purpose on a daily basis.  It doesn’t always reflect the fullness of the sun because of its orbital rotation and position around the earth.  The moon is sometimes just a sliver in the sky, barely reflecting the brilliance of the sun.  That should be a lesson for us to ponder.  I’m not saying we should shine brightly once a month.  I’m saying we live in a world that sometimes taints our understanding of God and skews our perception of His presence on the earth.  We sometimes embrace what is good instead of waiting for what is best.  We settle for cheap enlightment that comes from hollow philosophies.  Are you like the moon just fortunate enough on some days to be touched by the light of a more powerful entity?  Do you unknowlingly eclipse the greater light only to realize you are robbing others of that life giving force?

Final thoughts:  Scientists say the moon helps stabilize the Earth’s rotation, which prevents any major movements of the poles.  If these movements were ever so dramatic they would force the climate to be unbalanced and cause doom and destruction on our planet.  Basically, if the moon were ever to fall off its orbit just an nth of a degree, the earth would feel the effect in a powerful and devastating way.  Consider this as you walk this journey called life.  If you fall off course how much will it impact your world…your sphere of influence…those who love and respect you?


One response to “the moon

  1. I like this…

    It creates a chain reaction in my head and forces me to think…

    Hope to see you tomorrow.


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