color of life

The essence of life.  Encapsulating our differences on a canvas.  Colors inside and outside the lines.  Partitioned ideas expressed through palettes of emotion.  Freeing the spirit and capturing the soul.  Truth revealed in the simple stroke.  Love embraced by the grand imagery.

Some see life as nothing but compartmentalized colors, put in their pretty places for all to perceive.  Living as though nothing is connected.  Life must flow, intertwine, change and grow.  Our thoughts constant, whether right or wrong.  Like the sunrise, expected and true.

Ever present is the Spirit…penetrating hearts like a needle.  Weaving them together to make a tapestry.  Expressing the nature of conflicted humanity.  Reminding us of our frailty.  Revealing the power of the unseen God.

Life happens and continues endlessly.  Smothered dreams come from broken hearts.  Dim and dreary to bright and bold.  Dreams in color from open minds.  Ever present are our thoughts.  Elusive are our ideas.  Tattered by pain.  Shaped by experience.

Voices of truth resounding through caverns of people.  Foundations are shifted like tectonic plates.  Shaken from right to left.  Seeking balance in thought and belief.  Moving like the wind.  Falling like the rain.  Rainbows rise from the mist.  Revealing the color of life.

Copyright ©
Gibby Espinoza – 2006


2 responses to “color of life

  1. Hmm… I am going to have to chew on that one for a while. There are some really profound insights and thoughts here. You rock!

  2. Beautiful, Insightful, and close to my heart…

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