I was listening to a local radio station a couple days ago and the DJ was very perplexed with a story that came across his desk.  The jist of the story goes like this:

This past weekend in North Texas town a man had a yard sale where he posted a sign that said "Do not enter here if you do not speak English."  Well, the man pridefully claims to be a godly and devout Southern Baptist who believes anyone who does not speak, as he claims, "The American Language" they shouldn't even be in our country.  The DJ ran an interview he had conducted with the man and it was heated.  The DJ asked him, "Isn't this a case of 'If you do it unto the least of these, you've done it unto Jesus?'"  The man was adamant that he was right and the Bible was his guide.  He even said, "If you want to call my a hypocrite or bigot that's fine.  I believe what I believe to be true."

My blood boiled with anger and my heart raced with heartache for this man.  Well, the next day the DJ got over 300 e-mails that almost split down the middle on which side they took on the issue.  The DJ was for helping Hispanics and other ethnics to learn the English language, but not because "this is America," but more so the help them in dealing with everyday life in America.

I agree with that, but I never recall the U.S. having an official language.  If I ever hear anyone make the claim that people need to speak the native language then I'll remind them they need to speak Apache, Comanche, Navajo or some other "Native American" language.  And we wonder why people feel rejected, hurt and unwelcomed.

I pray we always keep in mind that God is bigger than our ideas and philosophies.  He's bigger than our beliefs and thoughts.  God has no borders.  His peace and love transcend all of life…spiritual and physical.

Join me in seeking peace.


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