Absorbing the quietness…

We've heard this statement before; "alone in a crowd."  Here's one I just thought of that will tell you a lot about where I am spiritually and emotionally.  How about "absorbing the quietness"?

I'm sitting at the Mudd enjoying, or not enjoying the loud refrigerator with its annoying whine and Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus take the wheel" in the background.  No, I'm not a big fan of the song.  Some of my dearest friends adore the song, but I'm annoyed by it as well, for reasons I prefer not to address here.

In the midst of these annoying sounds I'm reminded of the quietness that lays underneath all the noise.  It's interesting how on some days I'll sit quietly in the midst of all the noise and listen to every conversation and sound being interjected into time and space.  On other days I can sit and block all of them out of my mind and focus on the quietness.

Think about it.  There is a precious silence and quietness beneath all the noise, sounds and auditory stimuli.  To me it's a spiritual, mental and intellectual exercise to seek the silence and dwell in the quietness.

What do you think?


One thought on “Absorbing the quietness…

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  1. Hi Gibby. It’s Lindsey. I’m glad to find your blog and read all your writings. I keep one too, writing really seems to ease the static and amplify the essential.

    Miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

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