Community is one of those words we can all define, but do we truly understand its meaning?  God has put this word "community" on my heart with great emphasis.  Much of this is because of The Gathering I'm part of on Sunday nights and the Acoustic Night we sponsor at the Mudd (local coffee shop).

We say that ECHO is about creating a community of people who have been rejected by the Church.  What does that really look like?  We say that ECHO is about impacting the local culture and the local churches.  How does that happen?  I know the religious answers to these questions, but what are the "heart" answers?  What are the relevant cultural and societal answers?  What are the answers that can transform humanity?

Ponder this:  Our Western society is all about "me", "my" and "self."  But what is God's culture like?  What did Jesus say about the "me" philosophy?

How can we create community?  What is community?


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