What can I say?

The boys and I had a great time at Longhorn Cavern.  There is nothing like spelunking toward Middle Earth.  Of course, everything change as we made our way to Marble Falls, Texas.  We were almost to the hotel when the two cars in front of me had to slam on their brakes because some dirtbag cut in front of them.  Thus I had to slam on mine.  No, I didn’t have a wreck.  It was worse.  We didn’t have any brake lights, signal lights or hazard lights.  That’s worse because the one thing I don’t need is a ticket.  The lady behind me came up next to us and told me we had no brake lights.  I stopped to check the lights and all I had were headlights.  Not good.

Well, I managed to drive the SUV to an auto electric shop and they discovered the switch that controls all the functions above is fried.  Nothing like adding a couple hundred smackers to the vacation budget.  Hopefully the car will be ready by noon tomorrow and we can head down to San Antonio.

I have to give out props to Chris and Michelle for taking us in for the afternoon.  They are down here too for the week and we got to hang out with them.  I was able to finish one paper and get halfway through the second.  The cool thing is the boys got to hang out on the lake with Chris and the gang.  God is too cool to bless me with friends like Chris, Michelle and the others.  Even when my frustrations were aimed at God, He still took care of me and blessed me.  Sorry, God, for being a freakin’ jerk.

What can I say?


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