Numb and Angry

In the recent past, my friend Chris and I discussed the issue of being numb to the world.  What many of us don’t realize is the impact our numbness has on our world.  What do I mean by numb?  Well, let me ask you this.  Do you walk past a homeless person without even glancing and offering a “hello”?  Do you ignore the hurting and broken-hearted?  Those are only two of the many questions that can determine whether you are numb or not.

In my case, I am freakin’ tired mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  As a matter of fact, someone I work with asked if I was angry?  I guess I am angry about certain things at a certain level?  I’m numb and angry, but not toward the homeless, broken-hearted or rejected.  No, I’ve allowed myself to get numb toward the irresponsible and fallacious crap that is being spoken from our TV sets…both Christian and secular.  I’m tired of the garbage that TV preachers/evangelists spew concerning prosperity and spiritual growth.  I’m sick of the notion that if one is not healed it is because of a lack of faith, or a deep-rooted sin in someone’s heart.  What if God didn’t want healing to happen?  My heart aches for the image the church has created for itself by being religious and not practical.  Beyond that I’m ticked that the church is viewed as a country club and has allowed itself to function as such.  I weep for the brokenhearted.  I  am one of the brokenhearted, rejected and marginalized.  As of late, my life has been in shambles internally…deep within my spirit and soul.  Still, God blesses.  Even when I don’t deserve it.

Living.  Striving.  Seeking.  Angry…Gibby


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  1. I love you…. I understand what you mean totally. I have thoughts on this, but putting them in to context is beyond me at the moment.

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