To Swear or Not To Swear

I read a very good article titled To Swear or Not To Swear by Paul Rose, Jr. (Infuze Magazine) and it gave me another perspective to the question of “What is art?” and “What is acceptable for a Christian?”

I think he does a good job of trying to bring balance to the issue of “swearing” or “profanity”, which most Christians address with critical judgment without understanding the entirety of socio-cultural relevance.  Here is an excerpt that spoke volumes to me:

“Christians are a minority within their culture and are subject to the tendencies of all minority groups: a sense of alienation from culture as a whole, an in-group mentality and vocabulary, an inclination to concentrate on how they are different from others and to slight what they share with them, a “we-they” outlook on the world. To this we should add that some forms of Christianity become so otherworldly that they have an unbiblical scorn for what is human and earthly.

The arts can serve as a helpful corrective to these tendencies. They put us in touch with ground level human experience and make us a member of the human race. One of the most common failures of sermons and Bible studies and Sunday school classes is that their vision is confined within the four walls of the church. Biblical truth needs to be related to life in the world. It was never meant to exist in isolation from the believer’s experience in life and culture. Living with the arts is one way of staying in touch with the human race. To realize our full humanity is not frivolous. It is one of the things that God created us to do and something He confirmed when He became human.”

Let’s get away from the “we-they” mentality and realize that God speaks to all through his Creation, which is his contribution to the creative arts… 


4 responses to “To Swear or Not To Swear

  1. That seems like an interesting article. I didn’t want to join anything, so I didn’t get to finish it. By the way, I am living in Niceville for a while. I am doing much better.

  2. This is something I think I’m just now beginning to see, that I can be an artist and a Christian. I used to be stricken with this paralyzing either/or mentality, as if by being an artist and being a follower of Jesus Christ were mutually exclusive. I felt a tremendous amount of guilt about wanting to make art that some might term “secular” or even “worldly”. I’m just now beginning to relax and feel comfortable with expressing something I’ve seen of the human experience through a song. In any case, I feel as if lately I can have a more honest dialogue with The Lord about art and not feel like He’s going to be upset with me.

  3. Ooops, I meant to say, “I used to be stricken with this paralyzing either/or mentality, as if being an artist and being a follower of Jesus Christ were mutually exclusive.”

  4. Seth…That’s why I truly dig your music. There is nothing that holds you back. I’ve had the privilege to see your metamorphosis musically through the past months and it’s encouraging to see and hear you express yourself in your music. I think others are starting to appreciate what you have to say as well. Don’t be paralyzed…be set free.

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