Troubling Revolution

Here is an excerpt from the article about Troubling Revolution:

George Barna is one of the evangelical movement’s “brand names.” As the pollster for all things religious, Barna has been watching trends in evangelical circles for more than two decades. His most recent work, Revolution, has a surprising conclusion: Christians are leaving organized church bodies in droves, and that movement is a net bonus for the faith. According to Barna, within 20 years, only one-third of all Christians will have strong ties to local congregations. Instead, Christians will find spiritual nourishment from multiple resources, especially their deepened individual relationship with God. (

This gives me hope for the church that it might come alive with authenticity, creativity and passion. I know it’s not what the local pastor wants to read, but the reality of all this is that people are looking for something relational and missional. They want something that will give them cause to “be” the church and not “play” church. If Rick Warren got anything right it is that people should have a purpose and they should discover it in God. Methods work for a while to draw people in, but internal soul changing and spirit moving desires cannot be derived from methods. That can only come through prayer, relationships and true discipleship.I’m excited for ECHO and any ministry that desires to do what God wants the way God wants. The organized institution has its place, and rightly so since it has existed for a long time. Yet, the yearning of mens (and womens) souls are too strong to contain within the walls of a building. They shouldn’t be contained. They should be set free and released to discover the Truth and Life that exists in God’s presence.I’m discovering my passion for God is growing with greater volume and amplitude. The thought that has been ringing in my mind for the past month has been to “seek first God’s kingdom because he’ll take care of the rest.” Another thought is what Jesus called the two greatest commands: “Love God with all we have…our entire being. Love our neighbors the same way we love ourselves.”

I had a friend e-mail me and ask if I was becoming a radical Christian again. I answered by telling him I wasn’t becoming “radical,” but really just being transformed to exist and live where God has me in this point of time and space. I’m trying to heed my mantra of “It’s always today…live like there is no tomorrow.” It seems freaky, but really it keeps things and life in perspective for me. I’m still human, and I still worry about stuff, but God is pruning me to rely on Him alone, and trust my closest friends to keep me accountable.


One response to “Troubling Revolution

  1. I agree. The church- it shouldn’t be contained… Be contained physically effects people mentally. It contais the mind to what goes on inside of those four walls… We become so entranced in what we think is “everything”, yet is only a speck on the plan God has set out….

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