I’m sitting here at the coffee shop with a friend chatting about life and the choices we make.  The issue my friend has is this:  I have two friends, both gay, who are marrying each other in a few weeks.  I’ve been invited to attend, but I’m not sure if I should go or not.  I love them both deeply like family, yet I’m starting to struggle within over the issue of gay marriage.  What do I do?

I’d love to read your responses.


One response to “Interaction

  1. (Gibman, I know this is wordy… AGAIN. I apologize. Nevertheless…) When I go to a wedding, it’s usually half to show them my love and support and half so that I can join with everyone there (especially the couple, of course) in saying, “God, please keep these two holy and wholly together with You. Keep their bond pure and strong and show your love to them through eachother.” I almost think of my attendance as signing a petition asking God to honor and bless their relationship for the rest of their lives.
    Every time I think of a church wedding I think of the verse (the way the minister reads it every time) “What God has joined together, let no one put assunder” I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a safe assumption that God has joined same-sex couples together Himself. (To be clear: I am NOT saying that He didn’t or doesn’t. I just don’t know that that assumption is a safe enough one to bet my life on.)
    I’m not sure about God’s choice of partner for other couples either, but in those cases I usually go simply to show my support for one or both of them. And I may well do that in this case, too.
    But I want to be clear on what my convictions are, regardless of this decision. Whatever I decide about this wedding will only last a day; what I learn from this experience could change my life. I know that God is changing my conscience to something different, and at this rate I don’t know what I’ll believe by the time this wedding rolls around.

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